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Deer Park Phase 2C Homeowners'
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Warning to all owners
This HOA has and is currently Violating
Florida Statutes
Chapter 720 Part 1

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Florida laws they are
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stop donald peyton Disclaimer: Our views and opinions are for educational, informative purposes only. The views given here are personal opinions, and other people might have different views on the subject matter on this web site. We do not give any legal or other professional advice. All opinions are that of the writer. Facts that are listed are from documents writer has obtained either through court records or retrieved by others. By visiting this site you are agreeing with the term of use, privacy policy,and purchase agreement. This is a warning concerning Deer Park Phase 2C Homeowners' Association Inc., and their attorney. stop donald peyton
Contact George Weber at george@2wsinc.net phone (727)845-5127 Be vary Careful when dealing with this HOA- Deer Park
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Out of contro
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WELCOME! and Warning

This Web site is to inform owners and or future homeowners, of the facts about the 3 different Corporations in which have been acting as a Homeowners Association within this little community. Currently known as Deer Park Phase 2C Homeowners Association Inc.. The Fraud has been uncovered. Lawsuit has been filed. For information go here!

Currently the only known way to get a hold of the current HOA is to mail to a P.O. Box in New Port Richey FL. No active phone number, web site, email, etc. The Board of directors and officers like to hide. They really haven't made it easy for an owner to get in touch with them.

We will be posting all public information we have collected concerning this HOA on this site; including and not limited to names, phone numbers addresses, court records, etc..

We hope this site will bring you insight into the problems within this current HOA. We hope this will be a bridge point to either make those involved in this HOA comply with Florida Law or close there operation.

I have heard from many of the home owners in Deer Park concerning the bad behavior of the board of directors and officers of the alleged HOA.

It is my opinion the attorney that your board of directors or officers hired is totally out of control. If you do not believe me watch the videos to the left.

When asked to review books and records of another out of control HOA this attorney (Donald Peyton) well, watch the videos and make your own decision,

We have been trying to review "ALL" the records of Deer Park Hoa for years, and still have not gotten all records. Links will be added for your review.

No notices of meetings, except an occasional sign. One of the few spotted
Look Here. I tried calling the phone number listed, you should too

Note to the current owners. Did you know that James Ballard in 2001 with the help of Attorney Donald Peyton formed a "new Corporation" named Deer Park Phase 2C Homeowners' Inc.?

This corporation was formed without the knowledge or written consent of all the homeowners.

This new Corporation has been used to demand payment of fees, file liens and foreclosure on homes?

To see the state filing Click here.

In 2002 If you lived in Deer Park, did you sign a JOINDER agreement?
Do you know what a JOINDER is?

Did James Ballard or someone else approach you concerning making 2 to 3 changes in the deed restrictions?

What happened to James Ballard? - He Moved
What happened to Past President Steve Matthews? - He moved
Where is your current President?

Do you know what this HOA and the people behind it are doing with your money?

WE DO!!!

They told me, that the are going to spend the money that is in the HOA'S Bank account to hire attorney's to represent them personally. They don't care about you or the community.


This web site is a work in progress. Check back for updates.



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About your Board
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Did you elect these people?

About your Officers
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History of D.P HOA
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They Refuse mail. go here
They do not claim mail. go here

Past President of Deer Park HOA (James Ballard) was Deposed 0n April 14th at 9:00 2009.

Attorney Donald Peyton deposition will be on April 21st at 1:30 P.M. 2009

Property owner sues Deer Park HOA. and their attorney and past President. Other officers and directors will be added soon to the law suit
Case # 51-2007-CA-7002-WS/H

Foreclosing on a single mother. CLICK HERE

False Billing
Gross mismanagement
Usage of Pasco County School
computers to do Hoa Work



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